In which I discovered Pycon and CppCon on Youtube

Here’s a quick recap of the past week

Articles I’ve read
Simpsons Detector

Parse 600 ETF Options

Metal Band Names via Neural Network

Tech Videos I’ve watched
Irene Chen A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Learning PyCon 2016

Nina Zakharenko – Memory Management in Python – The Basics – PyCon 2016

Van Lindberg Structured Data from Unstructured Text PyCon 2016

Podcast I’ve listened to
Joe Rogan Experience – Guy Richie
A fantastic discussion which highlights Guy’s mentality and aspiring ownership principles. “You must be the master of your own kingdom”

Courses or Books I’ve worked on
Coursera Financial Engineering and Risk Management Week 6
Accelerated C++ Chapter 12

Book I’ve started reading
How Champions Think by Dr. Bob Rotella